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Ambassadeur du Kenya

Grande Salle des Nations-Unies.

Lors d’un oral d’Anglais, les élèves de la 4e Turquoise ont joué les ambassadeurs de l’UNICEF auprès des Nations Unies afin d’expliquer les problèmes de scolarisation au Kenya. Découvrez certains témoignages… Sylvain, ambassadeur aux Nations Unies, pour défendre l’école pour tous au Kenya, a prononcé le discours suivant :

Mister President, Honorable Members of the United Nations, as the UNICEF ambassador of Kenya, I would like to describe you the situation of education in Kenya.

Due to lack of money, in Kenya, the students have not enough supplies, not enough books, few pens, pencils and chalks, and run out of paper…

The schools are shabby: they have corrugated roofs and the playgrounds are muddy. Moreover, the headmasters are often corrupt.

Unfortunately, in some regions of Kenya, the girls can’t study. After the school the pupils must do their chores. Some students must walk 10km to go to school every morning.

They don’t have enough money to buy shoes, they only wear flip flops or even go barefoot to school.

The risk is present everywhere.

The mud on playgrounds are full of germs and the students can have diseases. Moreover, there are not enough doctors in our country.

When the rain come down hard on the corrugated roofs, the teacher must stop his class, because the rain does too much noise.

Some corrupted headmasters kept the money which was dedicated to build schools and to buy school supplies.

The girls have less probability to get a job later.

Without shoes, the students can be injured when they are doing their chores and when they are going to school.

We plan to build more schools of better quality.

By increasing girls’ education, we will give equal opportunities to girls and boys.

Siège des Nations-unies à New York.

So, we need your help to buy paper, pens, books and all learning supplies.

With your help, the students will be happy and joyful when going to school

Thank you for your attention.

Sylvain Rihn

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